Recreational Classes:

IGG is dedicated to providing our members with a safe and clean environment.

Class times will be staggered by 15 minutes to allow staff enough time to sanitize equipment. 

Classes times will go as follows:

4 - 4:55PM

5:10 - 6:05PM

6:20PM - 7:15PM

7:30PM - 8:25PM

  • We ask parents drop children off at our car port and wait until their child is cleared to go inside

  • A staff member will check each child’s temperature for a fever (100.4+) with a touchless thermometer

  • After their temperature has been checked and they do not have a fever, they will go inside and wait for practice to start. Athletes are not permitted to enter the facility prior to being screened

  • Before entering, athletes must thoroughly use sanitizer which is readily available at the door

At this time, parent viewing is strongly discouraged.

We know this may be disappointing, but our ultimate goal is to keep our athletes and staff safe. In doing so, we must limit the amount of exposure coming into our facility. Additionally, our viewing area is quite small. In order to follow CDC guidelines of social distancing, we would have to expand our viewing area into the gym which ultimately takes away from our students.

If you DO choose to come inside, you must abide by the following:

  • Parents must have a temperature check

  • Each athlete is limited to ONE parent and additional children/siblings are NOT permitted inside

  • Parents must come inside with their athlete and stay the complete duration of practice

  • Parents must follow the social distancing markers we have in place

  • Parents must wear a facial covering/mask

You or your athlete will not be permitted into the facility for 14 days if any of the following scenarios apply to you/them:

  1. A temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher

  2. Contact with someone with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19

  3. Contact with someone with symptoms/a diagnosis of a respiratory illness

  4. Airplane travel in the past 14 days


It is imperative your child stays home if they are not well. Please do not worry about repercussions of them missing a practice.

During Practice:

To keep cross contamination to a minimum, we are taking the following precautions:

  • Athletes MUST bring their own water bottles with enough water to last the entire practice. They will NOT have access to the water fountain. Make sure their water is in a bottle easily identifiable to them. Consider writing their names on them

  • Athletes MUST wear socks. We recommend socks with grips, but any socks will do. These must remain on unless advised by an instructor

  • Athletes should arrive already wearing their practice attire

  • Bathrooms will be limited to one person at a time

  • All personal items MUST be taken home at the end of the day otherwise they will be thrown away

  • Athletes will NOT have access to the vending machine

  • Every water break, athletes are to sanitize their hands

  • Staff is to wear protective masks

  • Equipment with be sanitized between uses and of course at the end of the day

  • The athletes should NOT have any physical contact with each other


Pick Up:

  • A staff member will wait outside with a walkie-talkie so we can send each child out as their parent arrives (similar to school pick-up)

  • We ask parents to please be on time and do not stick around to socialize

  • We will have specific doors marked for exiting, we ask you to please only use the designated doors

Summer Camp:

  • We will not provide campers with snacks. Parents must provide two snacks a day in addition to their packed lunches. 

  • Vending machine use is not permitted 

  • Children will not have access to the water fountains. Be sure you send your child with an ample amount of water to last them the full day. 

  • Children must bring active wear and closed toed shoes for outside play


Parents should drop their children off in the car port. Please double check your child has plenty of water, snacks, lunch, and shoes. A staff member will screen your child for a fever (100.4 degrees)

If your child has a fever, is showing signs of a respiratory illness, has been subjected to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or has recently travelled via airplane, they will not be permitted into the facility for 14 days. 


A Day of Camp:

Throughout the day, the staff has plenty of fun activities planned. Below is just an example of one of the days we have planned:


7AM - 6:30PM

7AM: Drop off 

8AM: Groups will alternate between time downstairs, time upstairs, and time outside

(Downstairs activities include but are not limited to: dodgeball, pit races, capture the flag, jackpot, pac-man, foursquare and more.

Upstairs activities examples: arts & crafts such as volcano making, paper plane contests, egg drops, movies, slime making and more.)


11AM- We will be learning some gymnastics skills. We will run through the main events: vault, bars, beam, floor and we will also add in trampoline.

12-12:30PM: Lunch

1PM - 6:30PM: During this time we will do crafts, watch movies, play games and more.


Pick Up: 

Please drive through the carport. A staff member will come outside with a walkie talkie, similar to school pick up. 

If you must come in, you have to wear a face mask. Our ultimate goal is to keep our campers as safe as possible, meaning we must limit the amount of exposure coming into the facility. 


Payment is due the Friday prior to the week your child is attending. We accept, card, cash, and check. Please consider contactless payment methods through our Parent Portal. The portal is accessible through our website. If it is your first time logging in, use the email you provided on your registration form and follow the ‘forgot password’ steps. 


Drop In Policy:

There will be absolutely no drop in’s permitted. All participants must be previously registered for each day they attend. 


Again, we’d like to stress to parents how important it is for you to send your child with two snacks, a packed lunch and enough water to last them the full day. They will not be able to refill their water bottles or use the vending machine. We also recommend sending them with a bottle easily recognizable to them and consider even writing their names on it. 

We recognize some of this may seem excessive, however, it is our sole responsibility to keep our campers and staff safe. We ask you please, please follow these guidelines so we can continue to run smoothly and still have a fantastic summer despite the circumstances. 


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out,

IGGC Staff


54 Feli Way

(850) 926-4431