Recreational Classes:

IGG is dedicated to providing our members with a safe and clean environment.

Class times are staggered by 15 minutes to allow staff enough time to sanitize equipment. 

Classes times will go as follows:

4 - 4:55PM

5:10 - 6:05PM

6:20PM - 7:15PM

  • Parents may either drop children off at our carport or walk them inside

  • Any adult entering must wear a face mask.

  • Temperature checks are done at the door. If you or your child has a temperature greater than 100.4, you will not be permitted inside the building. 

Parents are permitted to come inside to watch at this time. However, our viewing area is quite small. Please remember when you are inside to wear a face covering and social distance whenever possible. Please be considerate of others!

You or your athlete will not be permitted into the facility for 14 days if any of the following scenarios apply to you/them:

  1. Contact with someone with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19

  2. Contact with someone with symptoms/a diagnosis of a respiratory illness


It is imperative your child stays home if they are not well. Please do not worry about repercussions of them missing a practice.

During Practice:

  • Athletes MUST bring their own water bottles with enough water to last the entire practice. They will NOT have access to the water fountain. Please make sure their water is in a bottle easily identifiable to them. Consider writing their names on them.

  • Athletes should arrive already wearing their practice attire

  • All personal items MUST be taken home at the end of the day otherwise they will be thrown away

  • Every water break, athletes are encouraged to sanitize their hands

  • Staff is to wear protective masks

  • Equipment with be sanitized between uses and of course at the end of the day

  • Parents attending Mommy & Me classes must bring/wear face masks

After-School Camp:


  • Parents must provide their child with an afternoon snack and drink. 

  • Children will not have access to the water fountains. Be sure you send your child with an ample amount of water to last them the full day.


Upon arrival, a staff member will check each child for a fever (100.4+) with a touchless thermometer. If a child arrives with a fever, we will alert their parents immediately and isolate them from the other children.


Pick Up: 

Please drive through the carport. A staff member will come outside to you, similar to school pick up. 

If you must come in, you must bring/wear a face mask. Our ultimate goal is to keep our campers as safe as possible, meaning we must limit the amount of exposure coming into the facility. 


Payment is due the Friday prior to the week your child is attending. We accept, card, cash, and check. Please consider contactless payment methods through our Customer Portal. The portal is accessible through our website. If it is your first time logging in, use the email you provided on your registration form and follow the ‘forgot password’ steps. 


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out,

IGGC Staff


54 Feli Way

(850) 926-4431